About The Crimson State Group


We are a group of Elite: Dangerous players who swear allegiance to the Crimson State Group of Lugh. We exist to promote freedom for the people of Lugh and its neighbouring systems to collectively steer their own destiny.

We are the Lugh Freedom Fighters. We have come to liberate the Sons of Conn, the ancestors and sovereign people who first came from Earth in the early years and made a home here in the Lugh system. A people who can trace their ancestry back to ancient Celtic antiquity! We believe in the group entity. We believe in the group support structure and collective politics of Brehon Law. We believe in figureheads with no power over law or the people. Figureheads exist only at the whim of the people and only to serve and should be awarded according to their actions. Figure heads should be awarded generously for their efforts for the good of all. Even to kingly status but punished severely should they abuse that power. Leadership is not entitled. It is earned only by popular opinion.

We worked tirelessly under Federal tyranny, but after our victory in Great War of Lugh in 3301, our people finally have what is rightfully theirs! The worship of the great God Lugh will no longer be oppressed now that we have oversight in this sector: we have ejected the oppressive Federation out of this system and declared an independent Lugh!

Following our great victory, other local systems joined our cause, setting up local Crimson State Group clans in the hope of self determination. These people are Mo Mhuintir, an extension of Our People, and we have helped them forge their own future. Together, the combined population of the Crimson State Group is the third largest of any player faction in Elite: Dangerous!

Come and join us, the Lugh Freedom Fighters, and help bring freedom to the systems on the edge of Federal space. You can find us by visiting the Embassy of Lugh on our Discord server.

Lugh Lámhfhada abú: To Lugh the Long Arm, the victory!

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