Edmund Mahon

31 JUL 3301 – Over the last two weeks the Crimson State Group of Lugh has formed ties with the Alliance, allowing a consistent trade of supplies between the them and the galactic power. This contact with the Alliance comes shortly after it was officially recognized as an independent star system with a corresponding update to the galaxy map, something Universal Cartographics has been promising since the end of the War in Lugh.

With the attacks on the system starting 3 weeks ago, the Crimson State Group’s corporate government has invested nearly a one and a half billion credits in Alliance trade contracts, and utilizing it’s fleet of trade vessels with the expectation that they would be associated with the Alliance systems. This strategic move is accompanied with this Group’s intent to invest more into the trade focused alliance. It is left to be seen, however, if the capital they have invested will be worth the return.

This news comes after the recently documented turmoil in the Alliance, where it was thought they would be unable to expand their influence at all last week. Undermining efforts were quelled, and the turmoil ceased after one week due in no small part to the Crimson State Group’s assistance. The effort, aiding Alliance pilots’ attempts to fortify their systems, was a donation of over three hundred million Credits toward the fortification of systems in dire need of assistance and at the danger of being undermined.

The system and minor faction remain independent, but with these new changes in effect Alliance presence in the Lugh system will increase substantially and trade fleets coming into the system will be guarded by alliance vessels in addition to System security. The star shines brightly once more.

CMDR Starschulz