Brehon Law in Lugh

Democracy is a sham! Infact, all current systems existing in this galaxy are a sham. Communism was a nice idea while it lasted but unfortunately does not work as it gives no motivation for personal advancement. It merely creates a stagnant pool that drowns all creativity and progress. All these systems are outdated.

Our brethren on the ground have for centuries been infiltrating positions of power in the Lugh system and now at last are gaining ground in what is (and make no mistake) an economic war. All wars are won by economics and although the great Lugh’s star is rising, in order to combat federation control we need to be able to fuel our revolt. This is where the Crimson State Group Corporation came in. It was imperitive to take control of the hierarchy of this regime and twist it to our own ends. By doing this we have secured the ecomomy of the outlying stations and bent them to our will. This allows us to arm and train our troops and feed our people!

In many ways man had devolved in forms of government by the time the first FSD drives were invented and this only led to further branching in politics as communities found themselves far apart in remote colonies orbiting airless worlds. Misinformation and inequality as poor uneducated and downtrodden rotted away on some distant moon. The facade of democracy is a lie! Voting parties in with your vote when both parties aims are actually the same leaving the public to believe that their vote matters when it is the furthest thing from the truth! Merely facilitators of these top down opressors who dictate our daily lives! Voted back into power again and agin merely taking turns to sit in the ‘big chair’.

The LFF (Lugh Freedom Fighters) propose something very different. What we porpose is the turning on the head of old policies of the Federation and the Empire litterally! These top-down regimes do not serve the common man. They do not serve me and you. They serve those at the top and their laws reflect this by criminalising you for not obeying their rules when their rules are really only there to serve big industry. Their big industry serves them while they live their extended-lives consuming progenitor cells and propping up their failing bodily functions with performance enhancers in their dingy dens of eniquity while the poor man starves in the lower decks of some remote space outpost!

Yes, what we propose is a return to the old ways. A return to the ways before the feudal kings of old stamped their will upon the common man to benifit no-one but themselves. The greedy powerhungry benifactors of history. NO! For the past is littered with such men and nothing has changed in 3030.

What we porpose is a bottom-up regime powered only by the people. In this regime our leaders will be elected from a class of Noble families who have proven their worth to the benifit of all. Our current General of operations will at induction be emburdened with the task of appointing his successor upon receiving office. This successor will be chosen from a possible three candidates who in turn have been chosen by the people. This General of opperations will have no political power. His job is merely as a protector of the people. Should he not fill his role he will be replaced by his successor. This ensures there will always be someone to take his place and his sound jusgement will pick the best successor for the job.

All men in high office will be burdened with an ‘honour price’. This means that should they fail to fulfill their roles or break our laws through possible corruption the law will come down harder on them than against a common man perpetrating the same crime. They are men of honour in an apointed position of honour and therefore there actions are expected to be more honourable than the common man. They will be appointed the means to fulfill their roles and be awarded based upon its merit.

The common man is the sole institutor of justice. Judges and officials are nothing more than consultants whos role it is to make sure that the law of the Lugh system is adhered to and to record the history of the law and how similar cases were judged in the past and then and put to the people for their final judgement. Great disgrace awaits any judge (Brehon) who might abuse this system yet they will be held in the highest esteem in the land by all while fulfilling their most honourable role.

For this reason by default the laws of the lugh system have evolved to serve the people and not the hierachy. The people create the laws because the people make the judgements. Judges are merely recorders of thet judgement for the benifit of the people on request. This ensures the laws serve the greater good of the community and not one powerful individual at the top who would seek to control others. Powerful men can easily be stripped of their rank and brought crashing down in flames providing us with only the with the most honourable of individuals fulfilling those roles.

So let me summarize by saying The Lugh system will not be a democracy, it will not be a communist state, it will not be a dictatorship and it will not be some sort of religious facist regime! It will be true freedom of its people to collectively steer their own destiny.

The time of oppression of figureheads and moneymen is at an end!

This is the ancient law and so it shall be again!

Lugh Lámhfhada abú!

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