The resulting sprawl of Federal expansion in recent weeks into local space has left few in any doubt of the greedy thirst for new assets expressed by the new president Hudson. All the while, as the tentacles of his henchman Felicia Winters have endeavoured to increasingly threaten the neighbouring Alliance space systems, little has been done to quell these advances by the the said organisation who would claim to protect those who cannot defend themselves.

In the midst of this turmoil the always defiant Crimson State Group have laboured to ensure the protection of the Lugh systems and those other systems who would turn to them for protection. The recent attempts of the Federation to cajole and undermine the Lugh system only ensured to create stronger ties between Lugh and the Alliance representative Edmund Mahon. Forming a defensive pact with the Alliance the independent Lugh system brought all efforts to bear on the encroachment of Federal insurgents. While they were once again successful this was not without its negative repercussions.

The neighbouring Arth system who, through the staunch assistance of ‘The Sons of Conn’, succeeded in expelling the overtly corrupt ‘Hatchet Margo’ and her industrial government ‘Jet Netcoms Industries’ were not left unscathed by these recent reprisals from Federation space. Without The Crimson States pilots ability too defend their interests, the recently formed Arth Justice Party have been unable to maintain control of the system. Indeed, it is rumoured that Jet Netcoms has once again seized control of Midgley Dock and to the dismay of all concerned the infamous Harriet Margo has been reinstated leading to mass reprisals extending beyond the station and i reaching as far as the terrestrial bases on the surrounding planets.

Reports reaching Tír na Lugh at this time describe civic disorder as known troublemakers have been rounded up for ‘processing’. Commentary from leading representatives in the Lugh system could not be reached at this time. For that system itself fights defiantly for its own self preservation.

In Arth all evidence would suggest that the Federation seeks to dislodge all means of resistance to their regime once and for all. Where this leaves the remaining leaders of the ‘Arth Justice Party’ at this time is anyone’s guess. But without further outside help it seems certain Arth may have its brief hopes of independence quenched indefinitely…