Who is the Crimson State Group?

Ships of the CSG

During the golden age of migration from Earth in the early years, the Lugh system began to fill up with people having relatives aboard what was then the new space outpost known as MacLean Hub. Those workers aboard that station who could afford to provide transport for their families sent money back and slowly but surely the population rose as refugees of the great disaster back home pushed them out of their ancestral home. In what can only be described as a mass exodus the Lugh system filled leading to vast quantities of cheap labour in a vast and fertile star system.

The great Galactic corporations wasted no time putting these people to work and in the space of only a few hundred years the construction of many stations began to fill the orbits of the solar systems many planets. In a system this large with vast resources on hand, business blossomed as numerous dangerous projects took shape to exploit all potential profits. So this continued for centuries as the Lugh system began to take the shape we know today.

But it was during this great period of change that the Federation took shape and from Earth began to tighten its grip on the fringe worlds that had prospered during these bygone days. The once benign corporations that had existed in Lugh suddenly changed their form becoming one with this new Federal identity and laying claim to the whole system at large declaring its resources and population the property of the new Federal regime. It was at this time The Lugh for Equality party and Lugh Silver Natural Corporation was formed. Each organisation took control of various assets in the system declaring local laws, customs and religions outlawed that were deemed threatening to a universally governed Federal authority.

To the people of the Lugh system with a strong traceable heritage this new development seemed outrageous and it was not long before a peoples union formed in defence of what they considered to be their sovereign identity. This was quickly quashed and the ringleaders executed. In one swift move Federal control was brought in to subdue the massive star system and its ever growing population. In the following centuries the population of the system grew as tighter controls were brought to measure the unruly population. Lugh quickly gained an infamous reputation for rebellion and insurrection. To this end the leaders of the resistance movement moved underground seeking solace in secrecy and guerrilla warfare against their mighty oppressors.

In its earliest incarnation the Crimson State Group started as a small business venture within the Lugh system. Its humble beginnings as a mining operation working the exhausted asteroid clusters close to the systems great star went almost unnoticed by the local stock market shareholders in local space. All eyes were upon Lugh Silver Natural as the fortune of the system rose and fell. The Crimson State Group Corporation was an insignificant consideration or foreseen threat to Federal Governors back on Earth – just the sort of place the rebels of Lugh sought to hideā€¦ Over the course of several years of infiltration the very face of the corporation changed. As its fortune grew, board members were replaced by figureheads of the rebellion and from a position of local wealth a real attempt at independence was spearheaded by a new and organised people.

The Crimson State Group based their ideals upon their ancient ancestors of old. This was founded in the concept that the Lugh system itself did not belong to any one man. It belonged to the indigenous population itself and any person who was part of that great institution was entitled to a share in that wealth. Not everyone was equal; wealth would be distributed to those based upon their usefulness to the whole and the contribution of their forbears. Advancement in this hierarchy would be possible by the extended contribution of the group to the unit and so it would be going forward with the distribution of that wealth. Positions of power would come with great benefits but responsibility to that power and the dignity it implied weighed far heavier upon them than it would to a man far lower in stature. They were expected to perform and to maintain their usefulness to the whole. Failure to do so would disqualify them from power. In this way a healthy competitive society would emerge and the needs of all be met. The Governmental structure operates on the basis of profit only for the state. That state has strict ruling about the distribution of wealth based solely on the contribution of its individual groups within it. The more you and your people put in, the more you are entitled to from it.

The Crimson State Group quickly gained favour with the people as its financial power quickly entered them into the local political sphere. This in turn made them a target as other local factions sought to discredit them by equal measure. But slowly and surely the population of now 15 billion people rallied behind them culminating in a galactic war for independence on a scale still unmatched in recent times.
Since gaining its independence from Federal control in 3301 this new but ancient system of governance practiced in Lugh has spread like a plague across local space. Several local systems have actively called to the Crimson State Group to throw of the yoke of their oppressors with a desire follow the Lugh systems lead and a right to their own self-determination. The Crimson State Group has vowed to offer assistance to any Star system that would stand up for its sovereignty and right to self-rule. All that they ask in return is common support in times of war and the spread of Brehon Law throughout the galaxy.

To this end the sphere of influence of The Crimson State has spread far beyond Lugh itself. Under the collective support of the military of Lugh and its dependent star systems, the shadow of protection of afforded by the Crimson State Group has allowed each of these individual cultures to flourish and rule themselves and those systems who cannot themselves muster the might to defend that sovereignty seek strength in the common knowledge that the Crimson State Group supported by themselves and their allies will maintain their individuality and freedom.