In recent days the situation in the Arth system has gone from bad to worse. In the absence of any vital resistance to Federation forces, local peace keepers backed by Federal marines have secured the robotics and pharmaceutical industrial centres aboard Midgley Dock. With little place to hide, all futile resistance was swiftly put down allowing for a round up of public figures and noted figureheads among the tattered remnants of the Arth Justice party supporters.

In a final heroic attempt to remain in control a small group of resistance fighters chose to die rather than surrender the bridge control room of the Coriolis station before finally being overcome leading to the successful capture of many of their leaders.

Swift to arrive on the scene draped all in black was Harriet Margo herself, now a shadow of her former self. Her recent ordeal and indeed survival story onboard her escape pod after the seizure of Midgley Dock having left a lasting effect on her constitution. She now cut an intimidating shape as she personally interrogated the prisoners sparing no exertion in her quest for answers and admissions of guilt from all present. A victim of oxygen deprival and relying now on a special oxygen mask, reporters on the scene described a reinvigorated menace in her voice amid the constant echo of her breathing through the mask. Amongst the rebels, the man known as Scar-Gill was quickly identified and singled out for questioning by Margo herself.

What the future holds now for the Arth system is not known for certain, but while the machines of industry now hum to a different tune, all eyes will be upon Margo and the reprisals that are expected by the power she now wields anew.