The LHS 332 Penal Colony Conspiracy

Scithers Penal Colony

The Lugh system found itself the centre of controversy again today as recent reports stemming from the Arth system uncovered that many of the underage workforce working in the pharmaceutical sector were indeed missing citizens from Lugh. Eager to co-operate with the Crimson State Group and their investigations, the Arth Justice Party produced the recovered factory files of the recently overthrown Government. Lead spokesman for the Crimson State Group Éamonn Uí Laoghaire had this to say:

“While the freedom of Lugh and its citizens have always been the priority of the Crimson State Group, this concern has alway been afforded to all of our citizens. To this end we have vowed and endeavoured to find and bring home the youth of the Lugh systems whom were so unlawfully stolen from us. Evidence uncovered from the sweat shops of Midgley Dock have confirmed our worst fears that the unlawful sourcing of free labour by the pharmaceutical sector of that system were indeed a plot of yet unknown proportions leading to the legal enslavement of our people.

Upon investigation it has become clear that the outsourcing of labour flooded in from the infamous LHS 332 penal colony system. As of now the Prison authorities have refused all advances of communication with the Lugh system. This cannot and will not be accepted by The Crimson State Group and should the Prison Colony corporation continue down this road, Lugh will be forced to use more persuasive means to loosen their mood.”

Recent negotiations between Crimson State Group officials and the LHS 332 Penal Colony organisation ended abruptly today as all demands for an independent investigation were rebuffed. Tensions started to rise after the recent information that came to light in the Arth system when records uncovered that children from Lugh were sourced from the penal colonies in LHS 332 as legal free labour. LHS 332 is a small prison system not far from Lugh being run by an independently run corporation and working outside Federal Law. Recent accusations from Lugh spokesman Éamonn Uí Laoghaire pointed squarely at the Federation hiding sneakily behind this notorious outpost and Federal law to line the pockets of financial investor in the Arth system and beyond. Cormac Uí Laoghaire, second in administration had this to say:

“LHS 332 has refused to discuss this matter with the Lugh Government claiming that the identities of their prisoners and dependents need to be protected. It does not take a genius to see exactly what is taking place here. Federal investors are lining their own pockets while playing both sides of their own laws. Outsourcing free labour of criminals is one thing, but refusing to provide solid evidence of the crime of those you keep in custody is a whole other matter.”

In recent days word has reached the outer systems that the LHS 332 Penal Colony share values have dropped dramatically as the Crimson State Group has cornered many of their raw material networks and out competed their exports on all fronts. It would seem that control has quickly slipped from the grasp of the penal enforcers putting the very control of the system at risk as trade competitors look to the Crimson State Group for their requirements in their stead. Just how the Federal body in the system will react to these latest developments remains to be seen…