Lugh: The god and the star

Lugh by wornfallLugh is a star system about 60 ly from Sol. Lugh is also a great solar deity of the ancient celtic world, eloper of Boann, son of the Dagda, father of Cú Chulainn, slayer of Balor and champion of Tara.

For eons the worship of the great yet ancient God Lugh Lámhfhada has been repressed on Earth before man had taken to the stars. But our ancestors were not ignorant to the movements of the heavens. For did they not build the great monuments of Brú na Boinne and Stone Henge? While in its infancy mankind went through a terrible period of mono belief systems where they persecuted the ancient Gods and all of their worship. But it was never completely stamped out and the Great God Lugh continued to be followed and worshiped in the night sky where those who knew where to direct their attention found solace in his watchful eye…

The Colonisation of Lugh

In the early days of space expansion mankind made great advances into the cosmos much to the advantage of human civilisation. The preceding centuries had dwindled the once rich resources of planet Earth leading to galactic companies stretching their corporate tentacles beyond their native planet and laying claims to the spoils of the other astral bodies of the Sol system.

It was, however, only when the first jump drives became available to the masses that the expansion truly blossomed into the great program of galactic colonisation that would give rise to the golden age of human advancement. It was during this time that the first outpost worlds with primitive stations started to crop up around distant airless worlds rich in metals and rare minerals. Originally the legal claims of major galactic companies, these fringe worlds were all but a memory to the people of Sol while whole generations passed aboard the distant space stations and terrestrial bases on the surfaces of these forgotten worlds.

But while the years passed and the decades turned into centuries so too did all recollection of Sol or memory of the source worlds. Populations outgrew their colonies and among these distant worlds nations sprung up as a new sense of identity and sense of self spread across the inhabited worlds of the colonised galaxy.

In the 23rd century, the Sol system started to tighten its grip on these colonised worlds, laying claim to the assets that they deemed to be their property while one by one these outer systems contested these claims, defiantly brandishing their right to independence. These were the first years of the formation of the Federation as all assets were declared property of the united galaxy centred in Sol.

Born out of the tumultuous years came boldly the Sons of Conn. As the deteriorating environmental conditions on planet Earth quickly spiralled out of control, Earth became the playground of the rich for those who could afford to dwell in the places still fit for human habitation. But for the masses life had become difficult as constant migrations of refugees, food shortages and overpopulation combined to force people out of their homes and create conflict all over the planet. Those who could afford it moved to the newly terraformed Mars now rich in water and resources. But on Earth nuclear catastrophe in Britain had made much of that island now uninhabitable in the preceding years before the Great migration. The ancient power stations neglected, had spelled disaster for the population making all but the North still liveable, while Ireland’s population was struck down in equal measure. Only those in the West were spared of the gruesome effect of the nuclear fallout.

Arrival at LughThose still with the will to go on organised themselves and slowly began to colonise the new promised land of Tír na Lugh. As the years passed these people grew in stature and identity laying claim to the ancestors of their ancient past. Finding a common ancestral figurehead in ‘Conn Céad Cathach’, The Sons of Conn took great exception to Sol laying claim on their home system and its valuable assets therein.

Slowly but surely, the Federation tightened its grip on the Lugh system but in each and every generation a resistance would arise among the people in rebellion only to eventually be put down again by an all empowering force of oppression.

And so it has been for eons stretched. But the great fire of Lugh Lámhfhada is not easily extinguished and as foretold a champion would emerge and lead his people to victory and freedom from the masked Empire builders of Sol.

And as foretold, with the end of the Great War of Lugh that day has come to pass. Lugh now stands defiantly against the oppression of the Federation in all their contradictions of freedom and empire.

Lugh Lámhfhada abú!

Image: Lugh by wornfall