A war council was brought into session in the Lugh system this afternoon after a controversial plead for assistance was received from key figures from within the current government of the Masszony system. It would seem that leading figures from organisations currently supporting the ‘Co-operative of Masszony’ have accused their peers of both drastic public negligence and corruption consorting directly with the powerful outlaw syndicate known only as ‘The Masszony Blue Family’. Further to these ends, tensions were heightened in the people conference on Tír na Lugh only today as Cormac Uí Laoghaire expressed his desire to even the balance of power in the system expressing his concerns that the Blue Family were known allies and cohorts of none other than the Silver Boys of Crom.

“It has been long known that the Blue Family of Masszony and other local pirate consortiums in these local systems have been working closely with the dark masters of the Crom system. Known to all here, these banished and relentless enemies of Lugh have sought ever to undermine the very foundation of the free peoples of this system. I put it to this council that if the Government of Masszony cannot control its own council and slides ever into anarchy, Lugh must react and protect its borders and dependent systems. Did we not swear to aid those who would call us for aid? Have we since forgotten the turmoil and the price we so dearly paid for our own independence? Our solemn right to self determination? Right now Masszony finds itself under the cosh of these pirates whom on the surface seem nothing but a menacing shadow and so it would suit those amongst the current corrupt Government there who would seek to dampen the cries for Justice amongst their peers? Do we now forsake them when they call to us for aid? Do we allow the Silver Boys to tighten their grip in our local space?”

While the talks will surely continue into the night, nobody can be in any doubt that none of this could have arrived at a worse time, as the Federation once again bites at the heels of The Sons of Conn’s freedom and liberty. Despite military treaties and trade agreements with Edmund Mahon himself, the Alliance of free worlds has done nothing to sate the appetite of the Federations greed and thirst for conquest.