Our Systems

As word spread of the success of the Crimson State Group in bringing about independent leadership in Lugh, groups in other nearby systems began to wonder if their lives could be improved by joining a larger cause. Local clans of the Crimson State Group formed in Sesuang and LTT 4846 by the end of 3301, followed by many others in the following years. The Crimson State Group of Lugh sees these clans as Mo Mhuintir, an extension of Our People.

The Lugh Freedom Fighters work to protect the people of these systems where it is seen that the authorities in power are unjust, oppressive or corrupt; in other systems with more benevolent leaders, we act more as an advocate, giving our people proper representation. Everyone should have the right to self-determination and freedom.

Tir Na Lugh


The planet Tír na Lugh was first populated by the Sons of Conn in the 23rd century, and subsequently claimed by the Federation. After the rise of the Crimson State Group in the late 33rd century, the Lugh system was finally liberated at the end of the Great War in 3301.

The Lugh system contains a wide range of resources, including the agriculture on Tir na Lugh and its orbiting station Hartsfield Market, and mining in the rings of outer planets.

Influence 46.2% (Controlling)
Current States None

Secret Loch Harvests


Sesuang provided a sanctuary for many refugees from Lugh during The Great War. The earth-like planet Sesuang A 2 provides an ideal environment for the the majority of the two billion people living in the system. The presence of high metal-content world Sesuang A 1 gives the system a good balance of industrial and agricultural economies.

Influence 43.9% (Controlling)
Current States Boom

Key Analysis Ministry

LTT 4846

Lugh’s closest galactic neighbour, the system of LTT 4846 is home to around 15 million people, mostly engaged in industrial or refinary activities. They depend on the Lugh and Sesuang systems for the production of agricultural goods. A small population works out on the planets of ‘4846’s distant second star, a red dwarf. These people keep themselves to themselves, and are deeply suspicious of outsiders..

A human technology broker is available at Mullane Port, and Interstellar Factors at Edwards Hub.

Influence 49.7% (Controlling)
Current States None

Jandrassik Installation

LP 104-2

This sparsely-populated system has an economy based around the minerals and metals found its six ringed and two metal-rich planets. It is also notable for military installation Jandrassik Installation, which we liberated from Federal control.

Influence 43.2% (Controlling)
Current States Boom

Nicolet Point

Hill Pa Hsi

Overshadowed by its more famous neighbour, Zeaex, Hill Pa Hsi is a prosperous system of over 100 million people, producing high tech equipment for nearby systems. All stations are within about 100 ls from the star, making for efficient local transport.

Influence 30.7% (Controlling)
Current States None

Interstellar Culture Agency


Khepri has the sixth largest population of any player-owned system. This large, prosperous system was ruled for a time by Armada Corporation, but following their brutal overthrow of the government in nearby Masszony the people rose up and replaced them with a local Crimson State Group faction.

Influence 29.7% (Controlling)
Current States None

Vernadsky Colony

Alpha Chamaelontis

Alpha Chamaelontis B 1 a has among the highest concentrations of Ruthenium in the Core Systems. This valuable resources is guarded by the military ground base Rorschach Silo, liberated from Federal control by the Crimson State Group. Mineral and metal processing takes place locally at Vernadsky Colony.

Influence 36.4% (Controlling)
Current States War

Associated Biochemical Exploration


A manufactured materials trader is available at Wiburg Hub in this busy system.

Influence 39.6% (Controlling)
Current States Boom, Civil liberty

Burnell Vision


Interstellar Factors is available at Burnell Vision.

Influence 3.9%
Current States None
Controlling Faction Federal Reclamation Co (60.9%)

Musabayev Base


A tiny mining colony of two and a half thousand people lives on the single outpost in Paitina, Musabayev Base. With six factions vying for support, local politics is a very personal affair. Interstellar Factors is also available at this outpost.

Influence 66.7% (Controlling)
Current States Boom, Civil liberty

Mach Vision

LHS 2477

We’ve recently taken control of this system from Federal faction LTT 4487 Industry, who had ruled for months with very little popular support.

Influence 15.0%
Current States War
Controlling Faction LTT 4487 Industry (47.2%)

Black Moon Corporation


The Crimson State Group has a good working relationship with the Minutemen, the controlling faction in the Mata system. Despite their Federal affiliation, they allow our people a good level of autonomy on stations that are under our jurisdiction. We do not seek to overthrow the Minutemen government in Mata.

Influence 14.7%
Current States None
Controlling Faction Minutemen (42.8%)

Wheelock Settlement


Once a hotspot for the tensions between the Empire and the Federation, this system is slowly returning to normal under Federal ownership. Ferngate Plexi was one of the first major corporations to set up in this system.

The Crimson State Group keeps a low profile here, keeping our people safe in the presence of the local Federal operatives called the Collective of Independent Agents.

Influence 7.4%
Current States None
Controlling Faction Collective of Independent Agents (52.4%)

LTT 4487

The most recent system to call on the Crimson State Group’s help, this is the home system of LTT 4487 Industry who until recently controlled the LHS 2477 system.

Influence 8.8%
Current States None
Recovering States Outbreak
Controlling Faction LTT 4487 Industry (49.5%)

Data provided by Elite Dangerous Star Map