Alpha Chamaelontis

Vernadsky Colony

Alpha Chamaelontis is a system controlled by the Crimson State Group in Elite Dangerous.

Alpha Chamaelontis B 1 a has among the highest concentrations of Ruthenium in the Core Systems. This valuable resource is guarded by the military ground base Rorschach Silo, liberated from Federal control by the Crimson State Group. Mineral and metal processing takes place locally at Vernadsky Colony.

Influence 52.7% (Controlling)
Current States Boom
Recovering States Outbreak


To help us in Alpha Chamaelontis, import multiple commodities with high profit from other systems. EDDB Single Route Finder is ideal – set the destination, hop distance and landing pad size.

Only the outpost Vernadsky Colony supports trading commodities, so you will need a small or medium ship. Here are some good imports:

  • Arth (25ly) > Midgeley Dock (outpost)
    • Consumer Technology
    • Advanced Catalysers
    • Progenitor Cells
  • Belarsuk (19ly) > Kurland Hub (outpost)
    • Consumer Technology
    • Performance Enhancers
    • Progenitor Cells

Bounty Hunting

Alpha Chamaelontis AB 2 (5000ls from the star) contains a Resource Extraction Site (High).

The MAZ-093 Sanchez-Class Researcher Megaship provides events to repel pirates. High-spec combat ship required!

Bounty vouchers can be claimed at Vernadsky Colony (outpost) or Rorschach Silo (surface base).


Take high-influence missions at Vernadsky Colony (outpost) or Rorschach Silo (surface base).