LTT 4131

Lorrah Terminal

LTT 4131 is a system controlled by the Crimson State Group in Elite Dangerous. It has a population of just under 1 billion.

Influence 50.2% (Controlling)
Current States None


To help us in LTT 4131, import multiple commodities with high profit from other systems. EDDB Single Route Finder is ideal – set the destination, hop distance and landing pad size.

There are several Crimson State Group starports in the system that accomodate all sizes of ships. Lorrah Terminal is the nearest to the arrival star. Here are some good imports:

  • Samkyha (14ly) > Rominger Terminal (starport)
    • Beryllium
    • Progenitor Cells
    • Performance Enhancers
    • Micro Controllers
  • 54 G. Antlia (19ly) > Hooke Terminal (starport)
    • Insulating Membrane
    • Gold
    • Beryllium
    • Gallium

Bounty Hunting

LTT 4131 AB 1, 5000ls from the arrival star, contains Resource Extraction Sites of all types.

Bounty vouchers can be claimed at Lorrah Terminal (starport) or Moskowitz Ring (starport).


Take high-influence missions at Lorrah Terminal (starport) or Moskowitz Ring (starport).