Carnage and chaos ripped through the Lugh system today as the Lugh Freedom Fighters of the ‘Crimson State Group’ led an assault upon ‘Lee Hub’ – lair of the sordid ‘Lugh Defence Force’ dictatorship led by the infamous Séamas Moriarty. Faced by superior numbers, reporters on the scene relayed that the LDF fought savagely in defence of their ground base at the hands of a superior force. The fighting reached its peak when CSG boarding parties entered the complex causing widespread panic.

All action was directed around and on-board the station until the LDF rear-guard force broke off in pursuit of a single Crimson State ship leaving the stations main landing pad. In what seems an almost unexplainable turn of events a witness reported

“The battle seemed clearly in favour of The Crimson State Group yet the LDF forces fought almost to the point of folly selling their lives dearly in what seemed like a hopelessly one sided battle. That was until a large explosion from within the ground base itself was followed by a single Crimson State ship recklessly taking off and exiting the scene at breakneck speed! That was when it happened… Almost like a swarm, the Lugh Defence Force broke off their attack in pursuit of this small CSG ship exiting their fortress! Following in pursuit, the Crimson State military picked them off as the LDF rear-guard carelessly failed to cover their exit. Who or what was aboard that small Crimson State ship that was so important? I have never seen anything like it!”

Lugh lead ambassador Eamonn Uí Laoghaire was unavailable for comment at this time but all reports would indicate that thousands of children have been successfully evacuated from ‘Lugh 4’ and repatriated with their families.

Vigorous debate has swept through Federation space in recent days about the recent events in the controversial Lugh system. This week a recent talk show special on ‘Your Federation, Your Galaxy’ made the headline News after maverick reporter Shelly Cartwright made claims that her ‘source’ had leaked information pertaining to recent discussions from Government buildings in the Lugh system itself.

“According to my source who shall remain nameless ok? The Government of The Crimson State Group are in utter turmoil. Debate has raged over the recent war against a local fascist dictator ‘Séamas Moriarty’ of the Lugh Defence Force. It would seem that people’s representative of The Crimson State Group – Éamonn Uí Laoghaire and his son Cormac are in tumultuous disagreement over the issue of what seems to be ‘certain items’ brought back to the Crimson State Group at an undisclosed location in the Lugh system during the recent battle. Now my source and I refuse to disclose their identity ok? Has insisted that amongst these ‘items’ are ancient texts written in a cryptic tongue from Earth. That is the source world to the rest of you OK?

Well, we all know they’re a bunch of religious loonies of course don’t we? But something big is going on over there. The high priest of their religion, some guy called ‘Amergin’ has been called in to translate this stuff, but rumours on the ‘Tír na Lugh’ home world abound that something else was brought back from the LDF base, something dangerous. Speculations from a bomb to a deadly disease, nobody knows for sure, but one thing is certain – Those talks have been going on for days now and show no signs of stopping.”

Despite the various rumours permeating from the Lugh system of late, shocking revelations ripped through the blogosphere today as Crimson State officials addressed the people of the Lugh system in an open forum. It was revealed that amongst many ancient writings from Earth’s past unearthed during the recent battle on Lugh 4, The Crimson State Group claimed to have found something of dangerous and of dark import.

Allegedly, debate raged over several days in Government buildings before confronting the people with the serious implications of these events. Cormac Uí Laoghaire addressed millions of people as they tuned in live to engage with the debate.

“People of Lugh, Sons of Conn… During our recent sortie aboard The Lee Hub complex on Lugh 4, the tide of battle quickly changed when one of our pilots exited with the war trophies of a sordid temple being used by the fascist Lugh Defence Force dictatorship for the worship of an ancient dark malign force. While the worship of ‘Crom Cruach’ has always been intolerable amongst our people, it never could have been imagined that an object or indeed the idol, of their attention was in fact several physical objects so dark in origin, that it is unspeakable to even describe it.

Down through the centuries the other star systems of this galaxy have stared down their noses at our traditions and beliefs. Believing themselves so modern and their judgement so evolved they discard the knowledge of the past to the confines of history. All the while, neglecting to acknowledge that somewhere along the line is the point where the past and present meet. They fail to acknowledge as we do that our ancient ancestors understood the universe only from their own perspective and articulated that through words and symbolism that they themselves could understand. They see bogey men and ghost stories where we see symbolism and a deeper understanding of fact painted only in the colours and style of the times in which it was written. It is a fool who scorns the wisdom of the past or the wisdom of those who put record to it. The Lugh system was founded by those who chose not to forget. We owe our epitaph to those brave bold few who ventured forth in the early days in the wake of nuclear disaster. Lest we forget the wisdom of our forebears, we disrespect the freedom and possibilities their sacrifices made possible for us – their children.
We have long known that the followers of Moriarty had aligned themselves with the crooked will of a dark malignant force, a force more real than any of the powers in this galaxy would ever believe. Although ousted by our forefathers of old, none could guess the true depths to which their depravity had fallen or the full extent of the atrocities being faced by our youth in that despicable lair on Lugh 4 while their captors worshiped these objects. These recent events have proven their exists a desire amongst us to wield these objects for great harm and has left me in no doubt that they can no longer stay within the Lugh system. These objects bring danger to this sector of space from those who would seek their possession for their own unclean purposes and those who would covet their secrets. All across known space reports abound of similar objects making themselves known. Everywhere the story is the same, disasters and station shut downs! It is the opinion of this cabinet that these unidentifiable objects and these dark writings cannot stay in Lugh. Despite my father’s arguments to the contrary and as ministers of this cabinet we insist they must go! Before it is too late!”

Éamonn Uí Laoghaire lead statesman of the Crimson State Group responded:

“While I agree in principle, I urge upon you in full acknowledgement of the weight of responsibility you, the people have entrusted in me, that we must be wary of acting in haste! Cormac and his ministers argument is not without merit, but let us not fall now into folly for fear of acting rationally. My son’s cabinet would argue these things must leave Lugh? So tell me then what is to be done? Where do we hide them? Do we simply eject them into space for rogues and vagabonds to simply happen upon them? Or do we risk destroying them if that is even possible? Exactly who is it you would prefer to see possess these objects good minister? Who exactly is it that you would consider ‘safe’ to keep them from harm or misuse?

In recent months we have all witnessed the turmoil such an object has created in Federation space, Let us not forget this galaxy is full of pirates and villainy who would seek to use these objects wielding great harm. We still do not know what these artefacts do nor do we know what these writings say…”

It was at this point where negotiations broke down in a frenzy of disagreement. Shouting and raised voices continued apace and broken only when the doors of the great hall opened suddenly by a procession led by the High Priest Amergin himself.

“Silence brothers! Be still. I insist you give way to the wisdom of your forebears. We alone possess the knowledge of the ancient tongue cast down and repressed by the tyrants of history. Day and night our order has worked tirelessly with the relics and I come to you now enlightened with the true urgency of this matter.

The true significance of these events runs far deeper than any of us had first believed. What we have before us is a portent or a prophecy and written in a script ancient even in its own time. Isotope testing has proven these documents legitimacy, whose origins by our experts reckoning date as far back as the fourth century! The cultures of this galaxy may scorn at our ways thinking us backward and naive, mistaking blunt modernity for self-righteous credibility. But their ignorance to the past endangers their very future, for I read unto you:

In times uncertain upon his lofty throne,
the greatest amongst many shall be struck down.
His children own would his fortune take,
his corpse picked clean before his bones laid rest..

The spear of light shall pierce the dark,
striking down those weak of heart,
in tumultuous winds and tides unchained
shall be reborn yet forever changed.

An astral Queen of a kingdom great,
A shooting star in swift descent.
Broken, twisted, wings clipped, undone,
Lost to fate, her tale unsung.

From the firey flames of war unleashed,
The ancient past and present meet.
Forged in fires by smiths untold,
Fate’s own hand forced by the bold.

In a distant land far from heart and home,
Is found a creature of iron and stone,
From the very ground its form takes shape,
Whispering to the darkness to seal our fate.

Into the night his children flee,
A solemn oath, rebirth, destiny.
Tumultuous storm lies in their wake
on a forsaken rock will them their journey take.

From the black comes darkness, blacker than night,
snuffing, drowning the sacred light.
The wheel of time full circle comes,
for the doom of man is now at hand.

“These words clearly relate to both past and future events! Can’t you read the signs? All of this is without doubt related. If these documents already record the recent past do you not fear for the future? I urge you to look to the sacred light during these troubled times. You seek answers? Look within… You know this to be true.”

The status quo in the Lugh system was shattered today as news feeds across the Federation and beyond were set alight by the ridiculous claims of the High Priest known as Amergin. Although preposterous in a galaxy of modernity, the weight of this man’s words amongst a population of 15 billion fervent followers however is not something to be underestimated. It is alleged that among the High Priest of the ancient religious sect’s latest claims has been the receipt of a so called ‘divine vision’ from the deity himself and he has wasted no time impressing the need to relay its meaning to the population of the troubled system:

“Last night it came to me in a dream and as I slept a vision came clearly into focus, the pure light of our divine destiny cast lovingly upon the graceful world of ‘Tír na Lugh’. Our home world, Tír na Lugh, a beacon in a storm of uncertainty, the one source of comfort in this ocean of galactic turmoil that which kindles the flame that burns within the heart of every descendant of The Great Conn of old!

But always there was something else. An unease, a presence, something just beyond sight, just beyond reach. I wanted to cry out but could not find breath! Terror gripped me and the light began to fade as the darkness took me and I sank deeper into the void as all hope was spent.

All about me the terror grew, a darkness, a black cloud or a multitude of swarm, gnawing at borders just beyond my field of vision. I thought surely this was the end.

But it was then I seen it.

A speck amid the black.

One pin hole in the drawing blanket of night that would seek to consume me and the harder I looked the more clear it became, a blue ball, a shining blue sphere of silver light piercing, defying the all-consuming night. It called to me and I called back. For it was then I woke screaming its very name, Deichtine!”

“It has become clear to me now, that we are no longer safe! The recent events at Lee Hub on Lugh 4 and this vision sent to me from the Great God Lugh himself are clearly one and the same force. Are we all blind to the galactic events being reported all about us? These strange artefacts that are turning up everywhere across populated space? The very same objects that have now been found upon our very doorstep? Are you to deny this prophecy which points squarely at the strange barnacle edifices now being found in the Merope system? No longer can we hide our heads in the sand while the super powers of this galaxy poke and prod at these strange objects like that of a child at some lab rat in dangerously unhinged experiment!
These troubles have now come to Lugh. It is on our very doorstep!
I put it to the people of Lugh that a doom is coming that will forever change this galaxy.

I have foreseen it!

The signs are all about us and if we do not leave this place now it will be the downfall of our people!

I have here in my hand the ancient text ‘An Scéal na trí Domhan’ (The Tale of the Three Worlds) which recounts the three sacred worlds most loved by Lugh. Within its damaged pages is a poem which describes through symbolism the star system containing the world ‘Deichtine’ in ancient Earth’s night sky. By deciphering the clues within and knowledge of our ancestors I believe the system can be found. Our ancient ancestors believed that Macha’s resting place was one of safety and sanctuary. I put it to you that we must leave ‘Tír na Lugh’ if we are to escape this coming doom that would seek to undo all mankind. Man is no longer alone in this galaxy and he is no longer safe!
I am offering 100,000,000 cr. to any pilot who can return to Meyrink Station here in the Lugh system with the location of this planet. Our destiny is in your hands! The Great Lugh shall deliver us from certain doom, answer his call!

Find ‘Deichtine’!

The poem
Into the night his lover fled, far from Lugh’s warm full glow,
Into the arms of his parents now – ‘Cian’ and mother ‘Ethniu’,
His bright white light, her pale blue shine, the fugitive now forever safe,
But lonesome now for her warrior son in this forever childless place.

For two hundred and sixty years she fled from Lugh’s warm light,
But not alone she journeyed on before rest did find her plight,
Nine sentinels did her protect from now until the end of time,
In constant motion they remain their fates and hers entwined.

Seven dressed in suits of iron, swords of skill set bronze,
One wielded only fire, black skinned, rivers of gold,
One a mariner, now far from home adrift on a cold black sea,
And Deichtine’s fertile womb bears life, now lost but forever free.

Following the open forum held in the Lugh system in recent days reports on the ground relay that things have gone from bad to worse as political minds clash with religious piety. The latest reports confirm that following the High Priest’s recent claims and outrageous offered reward for the location of a fabled world that the political sphere of the Crimson State Group retired to public buildings where debate raged into the night. All of this cannot have come at a worse time as the system itself finds itself in utter turmoil. The current war raging between rival powers within the system has done nothing to focus attention on the dangers now facing the citizens under the protection of the Crimson State Group.

This outburst of religious paranoia was met with hostility from leading spokesman for the Crimson State Group Eamonn Uí Laoghaire who accused The High Priest of misleading the people of Lugh for his own selfish self advancement.

“The words spoken by our ‘Ard Draoi’ today have enraged this cabinet forcing my hand to act as the public voice for reason. He would have this nation relapse into the dark ages like some medieval witch hunt scaremongering our people with dubious myths and ancient texts that bear no relevance in the 32nd century!

He would prey upon the weak minded and superstitious, at a time of opportunity for our enemies, as debate rages about the implications of what is surely a military matter? How dare he interfere in what may just be the most serious matter this system has faced within its entire history? I press the seriousness of this situation upon you. Let us not heed the words of doom sayers and clerics who would seek nothing more than to undermine the balance of power between Temple and state. He would seek to usurp this Government and the will of its people who guide its very hand. These shameless actions of our High Priest who would seek to divide the will of our people at a time when clarity and purpose are of utmost importance will not be tolerated by this Government”

Despite the ambassadors clarity on this matter, it has done little to quell the numbers of pilots who are now arriving at Balandin Gateway in search of the substantial reward money offered by the High Priest.