The Great War of Lugh: Timeline

GALNET 22 FEB 3301: Lugh Makes a Bold Step Towards Independence

Donaldson Station, Alioth

The Alioth system has been at the centre of controversy today after the arrival of Éamonn Uí Laoghire, the leading spokesperson in the current bid for independence of the Lugh system.

While at the time of this report Ambassador Uí Laoghire has not yet been granted an audience with Alliance state officials, he did address the huge throngs of supporters who came out to greet him on the steps of the state residence.

“Since its earliest inception the Lugh system was settled by a sovereign people of one lineage and one religion who have made it their spiritual home. Popular support for The Crimson State Group in the last polls was at 87%. The only thing standing in the way of the will of the people is the Federal Navy! I have come here today to request that the Alliance of Independent Systems recognise the legitimacy of a free and democratic Lugh.”

GALNET 25 FEB 3301: Assassination Attempt as Lugh Rallies in Alioth Grow

Alioth played host to scenes of chaos today when Éamonn Uí Laoghire addressed the crowds after his second attempt to gain an audience with Alliance representatives failed. While engaging with the huge numbers that had gathered to hear him speak, Éamonn was targeted by a single shot that was fired from a nearby building.

The shot missed the ambassador, but killed a member of the crowd. The ambassador was rushed to safety as the crowd began to flee the scene in terror, causing enough chaos for the assailant to escape undetected.

Uí Laoghire later returned to the steps outside the central council building to deliver his most defiant speech yet.

“We declare the right of the people of Lugh to the ownership of Lugh. The long usurpation of that right by a foreign people and government has not extinguished that right, nor can it ever be extinguished, no matter how many murderers the Federation sends to try and silence us.”

GALNET 02 MAR 3301: Lugh Ambassador Accuses Federal Party of Foul Play

Lugh Ambassador Éamonn Uí Laoghire, the leading spokesman for the Crimson State Group, held his third and final rally on Alioth today.

After a heated speech, in which he spared no quarter for the Federation and their mistreatment of the Lugh population (who he repeatedly referred to as ‘The Sons of Conn’), Uí Laoghire was met by a standing ovation from the massive crowds who had assembled to hear him speak.

“Our children are disappearing. In the past year alone we have seen the numbers rise to 25,431 individual cases. You will not get these figures from the Federation. Of course not! But make no mistake, they know what’s happening. What are the Lugh for Equality Party really up to? They took our land and now they’re trying to take our future. The Sons of Conn will take it no more! We demand complete separation from all Federal ties immediately! One people, one system under Lugh’s glorious light!”

LUGH HERALD 04 MAR 3301: Violence erupts as the fire of Lugh spreads

Shockwaves spread across Federation space last night with furthering reports of violence in the troubled Lugh system. Barely reeling from the decimation of the night before, the Federal ‘Lugh for Equality’ defence forces rallied in defence of system control as another vicious strike was unleashed by the group calling themselves ‘The Lugh Freedom Fighters’.

Stretched to their limit, the Federal police ships found themselves engaged with no less than three separate battles raging in orbit of Cavendish Ring, Prunariu Orbital and Hartsfield Market in the same night. The resonance from these attacks has left the once powerful and stable Lugh for Equality Government at the point of collapse as its leaders now squabble and lay blame amongst their own ministers. The situation in Lugh now seems to be unravelling to such an extent that lack of confidence in governmental ability to contain this situation has resulted in Federal Naval forces are now deploying in the system to maintain some form of control.

Meanwhile, the Crimson State Group representatives are gaining popularity amongst the common folk even in Alliance space, in their campaign for a free and independent Lugh. As of yet there has been no official response from Alliance representatives.

LUGH HERALD 06 MAR 3301: Federal Navy lockdown broken while the Lugh for Equality party crumbles

Federal Navy after the inability of ‘Lugh for Equality’s’ own defence forces to maintain control in the system. This show of strength did little to restore order when a head on assault was waged by ‘The Lugh Freedom Fighters’ completly decimating Federal military forces on their own terms and forcing their withdrawl from the system.

Fall out from this has left the Lugh for Equality party in turmoil and future uncertain while revolts accross populated areas of the system abound. Political advisors report that fractionism and decension now knaw at the organisation like a cancer. A spokesman on the scene said “The Crimson State Group now control the system in all but name, Federal intervention has done little to quell the revolt. Support for the rebels now seems universal”

Swollen civilian transports however, continue to leave the system for Sesuang and outlying systems while expectations of a Federal reprisal abound. A Lugh for Equality representative refused to comment saying only this “Federal space is Federal space. Lugh gets its single vote just like every other system in the Federation. It matters not what these trouble makers believe are their sovereign rights. Federal decisions are made within the Federation by the Federation. That is just the way it is!”

GALNET 09 MAR 3301: Federal Congress Calls Emergency Session

An emergency special session of the Federal Congress was held today to discuss how best to deal with the Crimson State Group’s attempt to force Lugh to secede from the Federation.

Lugh is home to 15.3 billion residents, who are supported almost entirely by the vast natural resources that Lugh has at its disposal.

In her address to Congress, President Halsey had this to say on the situation:

“Systems choosing to hold fair and democratic elections to determine whether they wish to remain within the Federal fold is one thing, but a group of religious fanatics petitioning a foreign power to help overthrow a democratically elected Federal government is another matter entirely. The Federation will not allow theocrats, terrorists or any other fringe organisation to usurp the right and proper rules that govern our society. If the Crimson State Group continues to go down this road then the Federation will respond with whatever force deemed necessary.”

GALNET 10 MAR 3301: Lugh Prepares for War

Crimson State Group representatives who were still present on Alioth were forced to make a hasty departure earlier today, as reports of Federal checkpoints being established around local exit points began to hit the Alliance blogosphere.

It would appear that the Federation means to finally show its hand in what has been a long and arduous game of poker between the Federal goliath and a small but proud people willing to defy the domination of their oppressors.

In the wake of his unsuccessful attempts to reach a favourable conclusion with representatives of the Alliance, Ambassador Éamonn Uí Laoghaire had this to say:

“Lugh is a sovereign state. This is an undeniable truth. An error does not become truth by multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it! Though the storm clouds gather around us, it has been written in our ancient ‘Leabhar Gabhála Lugh’ that the Sons of Conn will come to Lugh’s aid at his time of direst need. That also is a universal truth.”

GALNET 11 MAR 3301: Alioth Warns Lugh They Stand Alone

Edmund Mahon

Speaking before a gathering of the Alliance Assembly today, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has issued a warning to the Crimson State Group that it stands alone in its opposition to the Federation’s continued governance of Lugh.

“It is not the place of the Alliance to intervene in matters of legitimate Federal governance. No laws have been broken, no rights have been abused and as such no military aid will be forthcoming for the freedom fighters of Lugh. Similarly, until such time as the residents of Lugh have fully seceded from the Federation, any applications to join the Alliance of Independent Systems will be automatically rejected on the grounds that Lugh is not a fully functioning independent state.”

The news will come as quite a blow for Lugh, and the Crimson State Group in particular, who will now need to find allies closer to home if they want to have any hope of winning their fight for independence.

LUGH HERALD 11 MAR 3301: Éamonn Ui Laoghaire’s Son Speaks Out Against the Federation

In the absence or the presence of his father, Cormac Ui Laoghaire took to the political podium today to respond to Federation President Halsey’s recent words concerning the future of the Lugh System.

“The warmongering threats implied by the Federation in recent days have done no more to fasten their position here in Lugh than their raise claims of a desire to solve the problems of Lugh by democratic means! If an election is what the Federation wants then let’s have it! For there is no doubt as to the will of the people of Lugh! I say this. it the good President indeed believes the people of Lugh wish to remain within the Federation then let’s solve this problem by a peoples vote. or is that too democratic for her liking? The Sons of Conn will not sit idly by while her warships now gather on Lugh’s borders! Those I say good President, are the sinister actions or a tyrant unwilling to conform to the will or its own people.”

GALNET 13 MAR 3301: The War for Lugh

Balandin Gateway

Balandin Gateway

President Halsey has today officially declared war on the Crimson State Group.

Ownership of Lugh has been hotly contested in recent months. The movement for an independent Lugh, led by the Crimson State Group, had managed to achieve a staggering 91% approval rating among the local populace. However, the figures are heavily disputed by the Lugh for Equality Party, which has recently released statistics claiming that less than 30% of the population are actively engaging in the political process.

GalNet sources close to the President have suggested that the upcoming attack will be launched from within Lugh itself. Loyal Federal pilots who want to assist with the reclamation of Lugh should sign up for active duty aboard Hartsfield Market, although Federal mercenaries are advised that it may be several days before backup arrives.

In response to the declaration of war, Éamonn Uí Laoghaire has declared that the Crimson State Group will be offering very generous payouts to any independent pilots who choose to side with Lugh in the upcoming conflict against the Federation. Mercenaries interested in taking the Crimson State Group up on its offer should sign up for active duty aboard Balandin Gateway.

GALNET 16 MAR 3301: The Lugh Report

Operation Dullahan

The fighting has been fierce in the Lugh system this past weekend. Hundreds of thousands of ships have been shot down and millions have lost their lives in the opening salvo of the war.

Federal pilots are currently dominating the skies of Lugh, where they outnumber the native Crimson State Group 2 to 1. The Crimson State defences are in particularly bad shape, with reporters on the ground claiming that we are just days away from the first CSG outpost falling to the Federal Navy.

However, reports are coming in that spies loyal to the Crimson State Group are currently working to seriously undermine the Lugh for Equality Party on their home station of Hartsfield Market. If the undercover operatives succeed at their task before the Federation manages to stamp them out, the Crimson State Group could snatch Hartsfield Market (and control of the system) from out of the Federation’s grasp.

GALNET 20 MAR 3301: Eyes on Lugh

Seega Port

Seega Port

Federal forces continue to dominate the skies of Lugh. The Crimson State Group’s air defences have been all but shredded, with the majority of their fleet now adopting a defensive position around Balandin Gateway and Knight Dock.

Thanks to the actions of a crack troop of Federal Marines, Seega Port was secured with only a handful of soldiers being lost in the process. Federation forces are now working hard to secure Read Gateway for use as a staging post, from which they plan to launch a series of attacks against Crimson State starports.

Despite millions of lives having already been lost in the conflict, rumours from Lugh suggest that the Crimson State Group is preparing a desperate last-minute attempt to stop the Federation from crushing the native uprising.

However, in a sign that the local population may be losing faith in the CSG’s ability to secure the system, hundreds of refugee ships have started to flee from Lugh 6 in a bid to escape the Federation’s wrath.

LUGH HERALD 20 MAR 3301: The Sons of Conn Rise Up On Hartsfield!

Fighters loyal to the Crimson State Group have taken up arms in the halls of Hartsfield.

So far, the fighting has been contained to the lower decks. However, the Lugh for Equality party are asking that all non-combatants avoid Hartsfield Market until further notice. The safety of independent pilots choosing to dock at Hartsfield Market cannot currently be guaranteed.

GALNET 23 MAR 3301: President Orders Strike on Federal Refugees

Disaster struck in Lugh today, following orders given by President Halsey demanding that Federal pilots attack and destroy an unarmed refugee convoy as it fled from the fighting around Lugh 6. It is estimated that 9,322 innocent Federal civilians lost their lives in the attack.

The President claims that she was presented with evidence by the Joint Intelligence Committee which confirmed that Éamonn Uí Laoghire, leader of the Crimson State Group, would be aboard one of the transports with his entourage.

However, sources close to the Crimson State Group claim that reports of Éamonn’s presence on the refugee ships were nothing more than fabrications.

Shadow President Hudson has sworn that an official investigation into the matter will be launched once the current crisis is over.

GALNET 24 MAR 3301: Late Night Session Held Over Lugh Escalation

Zachary Hudson

Zachary Hudson

The debate in Congress turned ugly tonight, as members of both parties grilled the President over her mishandling of the Federation’s interests during the last six months.

Particularly hot topics included the heavy-handed ban against Onionhead, the resultant bombing of Panem, the loss of multiple frontier systems to pirates and apathy, as well as her most recent blunders in the handling of the attack on Lugh.

Shadow President Hudson went so far as to remark:

“The Federal Navy handed you victory in Lugh on a silver platter, and how do you thank them? You murder thousands of our own people! The incompetence has to stop and it has to stop now!”

GALNET 24 MAR 3301: The Battle for Hartsfield

In what can only be described as a devastating blow for the Federation, the Crimson State Group and the Sons of Conn have managed to wrestle control of Hartsfield Market from the Lugh for Equality Party.

The fighting in the halls of Hartsfield was particularly bloody, with tens of thousands having been killed on both sides of the conflict. Federal forces managed to hold the bridge for almost 78 hours after the rest of the station fell, but the Sons of Conn were eventually able to break through the Federation’s defences to claim their prize.

Reports coming in from Hartsfield Market suggest that the Crimson State Group is currently in the process of accessing the station’s command protocols. They are expected to be in full control of the station shortly.

Hartsfield Market is home to the master controls of Lugh’s military defence network, ownership of which will allow the Crimson State Group to exert their influence across the entire system.

GALNET 25 MAR 3301: Navy Withdraws from Lugh – Fighting Continues

Following last night’s special session, Congress has decided to temporarily pull the Federal Navy from active duty in Lugh. Navy vessels are currently in the process of being diverted to Qureshi Enterprise in Khaka, where they will remain until such time as Congress decides on how to best end the current conflict.

Despite the official withdrawal of the Federal Navy, Lugh continues to find itself embroiled in an ongoing civil war between the Crimson State Group and the Lugh for Equality Party. The outcome of which is still far from certain.

So far on the Federal side, Lugh for Equality has managed to gain control over the skies of Lugh. On the other side of the war, the native Crimson State Group has managed to take a significant advantage in terms of acquiring armaments for their ground troops.

The Federal forces need more guns, while the CSG need more dedicated combat pilots. With millions of residents having already lost their lives in the fight for an independent Lugh, it seems that neither group will give up the fight without a decisive outcome.

LUGH HERALD 25 MAR 3301: The Battle Was Won! The War Rages On!

Federal control in the Lugh system quickly unraveled late last night as insurgent forces finally broke through the Federal strong points aboard Hartsfield Market in a surge of defiance that left Federal forces completely overwhelmed. Military operatives reported that the blast doors of the inner sanctum were suddenly and unexpectedly overridden and burst open allowing the extremely well armed resident population to pour in and sieze control of the satellite defense systems.

The leader of The Crimson State Group, Éamonn Ui Laoghaire had this to say:

“Fear and oppression have been the weapons and tools of our enemies. They would seek to snuff the fire of belief from the noble mans heart. To grind him down so low as to extinguish the very notion or hope from his mind. Such are the means of the few. who seek to grow fat at the expense or the suffering or the many.”

“But fear is a double edged blade that cares not note for its wielder, that soon exposes his lack of strength. His lack of strength when the hearts of the many begin to beat as one. When the mouths of many suddenly as one shout no! We shall endure your stench no longer! For the truth is that it is they who fear us! It is their bloated president who has chosen to haphazardly murder almost 10,000 or their own so called citizens in the vein hope or assassinating me! She would dare to weigh up my meagre life against that or the value of thousands!”

“We stand today in the presence or our gallant allies, on the cusp of total victory due in no small part to the huge roles played by our intelligence network who infiltrated Hartsfield Markets defenses allowing our vastly superior forces armed by the Lugh Freedom Fighters to penetrate the very core of our enemies control centre.”

“Surprisingly, many of their core forces surrendered after just three days of fighting due to lack or ammunition”.

“As we speak our forces, led by my Son Cormac, are already launching an assault to retake Seega Port. The Seega martyrs who gave up their lives for the future of Lugh shall be avenged! The Federation dogs themselves now sniff and howl for Halsey’s blood and Lugh shall finally be free from the fascist regime they so selfishly seek us to endure!”

GALNET 26 MAR 3301: The War for Lugh: Federal Domination

Federal Capital Ship

Federal Capital Ship

The past fortnight has seen a devastating war rage through the once peaceful nation of Lugh.

The Crimson State Group, led by Éamonn Uí Laoghire, has long sought to establish Lugh as an independent system. However, it wasn’t until Éamonn attempted to gain support from Alliance officials that things began to get violent.

Fearful that yet another rich, powerful system would soon leave the Federal fold, President Jasmina Halsey ordered the Federal Navy to suppress the populist uprising. Thousands of Federal pilots flocked to obey the President’s command, and in the early stages of the war, the Federation dominated the skies of Lugh. Countless Sons (and daughters) of Conn lost their lives in an attempt to stop the Federal Navy from simply crushing the rebel forces.

Their sacrifice bought time for the Crimson State Group to come up with a plan. As the Federation continued to rampage its way through the system, members of the Dukes of Mikunn, Emperor’s Grace and the East India Company engaged in guerrilla tactics to keep the Federation’s attention away from the work being carried out by the main CSG strike force.

Splitting their forces in two, the Crimson State Group focused on obtaining enemy intelligence and collecting weapons for their ground troops. All the while, they made sure to deliberately avoid engaging in open conflict with the vast Federal fleet.

Despite the valiant efforts of the CSG allied fleet, the Federation managed to tear through the Crimson State’s air defences, exposing the CSG-controlled outposts to a series of attacks by Federal marines. The Federation looked unstoppable as they stormed through Seega Port unchecked.

GALNET 26 MAR 3301: The War for Lugh: The Turning Point

The turning point in the war came during the Federation’s attack on Read Gateway.

Cormac Uí Laoghire led the defence of the outpost personally, and after several days of fierce fighting, the Crimson State Group finally managed to achieve their first victory by successfully defending Read Gateway.

However, the reality is that it was more a failure on President Halsey’s part than a victory on behalf of Crimson State. The defence only succeeded due to the Federation running dangerously low on weapons for their troops.

As soon as it became apparent that the Federation was having difficulty acquiring the weapons they needed to end the war, the Crimson State Group took advantage of the military intelligence obtained during Operation Dullahan to attack Hartsfield Market.

The battle for Hartsfield Market lasted for almost 5 days, during which time the Federation managed to establish complete dominance over the skies of Lugh. Unfortunately for President Halsey, air superiority alone was not enough to win the war, a fact she soon learned when the CSG tricked her into ordering a strike against Federal refugees attempting to flee the conflict.

GALNET 26 MAR 3301: The War for Lugh: A Temporary Peace

Debris Fields

Debris Fields

The strike against Federal civilians by the Federal Navy, coupled with the capture of Hartsfield Market a few hours later, caused mass confusion and disenchantment among Federal pilots operating in the area. Mercenaries who had previously fought for the Federation began defecting en masse, bolstering CSG forces to the point where they almost equalled the Federal forces in size.

As a result of having gained control of Lugh’s satellite defence system during the capture of Hartsfield Market, the Crimson State Group managed to force the retreat of the Federal battlecruiser from its position around Lugh 11. Then, with the help of thousands of mercenary defectors, the Crimson State was able to re-establish control over the majority of Lugh’s airspace.

For now the Federal Navy has retreated to fallback positions in Khaka and other local systems. Reports from Lugh suggest that the Lugh for Equality Party has established a ceasefire with the Crimson State Group, as both parties attempt to agree on what course of action would be best for the people of Lugh.

The system is still rife with unrest. The war has caused the local populace to resent both the Crimson State Group and the Federal Congress. Although the CSG has managed to establish their dominance over the system, whether they can keep it in the face of internal and external opposition still remains to be seen.