Behind The Scenes Of The War

CMDR Roybe writes:

Here’s how the game worked.

There were a series of Community Goals that had to be done. Each group had two things to accomplish, trade and fighting. There was one other Community goal, that was the pirating of military secrets – Dulahan.

There was also a relationship in the end between the trade and the ultimate takeover of each station.

So here’s how it all worked together.

Each level of fighting Community goal gave that side points for the ability to attack a given station.

Each level of trading Community Goal gave ‘points’ for that side to supply an attack or defense at a given station.

Both levels, fighting and trading, had to be completed to offer the ways and means to take a station AND provide for its defense.

So, the Federation avoided trading. They were trashing us on the fighting side. They had the right to attack stations…and did so. However, they did not have the supply to win the fight. CSG had the capability to defend.

Dulahan, the military piracy Community Goal, gave CSG the ability to attack Hartsfield, the controlling station, upon the completion of level 1 or 2 (can’t remember).

The ultimate fight for the stations was actually a pre-planned decision tree the devs had in the ‘super secret vault’ they keep inside the black box of the BGS! ;P

So…when all was said and done here is how the whole thing went down.

The Federations first gambit was to attack an outpost. We let them take the outpost.

Their next one was for another outpost. We defended against it.

Our first attack was Hartsfield, which the Federation could not defend, because they had not traded enough to get the necessary defense points.

Now, CSG had taken the system, but IT was possible for the Federation to retake Hartsfield IF they had the supply points to do so…they did not, so they could not.

Now, all this being said, by the last day of the event, it was actually looking like CSG was going to lose. Because the Federation folks finally started pushing their trade goal. At the rate they were filling their Community Goal they were less than 4 hours from winning…times were bleak on our TS server! Then the ‘miracle of Lugh’ occurred!

The Federation fighters got greedy and started finishing off the CSG Fighting Community Goal. It really became a race between the two side of the Federation to beat themselves! It was amazing to watch!